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For over a decade, we have supported businesses big and small to reduce their impact on the environment and comply with current legislation by helping them dispose of waste cooking oil in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible.

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About Bio UK Fuels

Bio UK Fuels aims to serve the catering and hospitality industry, and anyone producing waste cooking oil on a commercial scale. Our main customer base is comprised of restaurants, pubs, takeaway restaurants, food manufacturers, schools, hospitals, care homes and other areas in the public sector across Mainland England and Wales.

Each litre of waste cooking oil is recycled into renewable fuel, considerably reducing carbon emissions and particulates and saving tons of waste oil from our landfills and sewage systems.

Industrial waste oil container


Our small team offers a fast and responsive service, working around your needs every step of the way. You can create a bespoke oil collection schedule and add or reschedule collections as needed to account for peaks and lulls in business. We work to understand and support each of our clients, and our team is never more than one phone call away when you need us. Get in touch and arrange an oil collection today.

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Caring for People and the Planet

Over 13 years, Bio UK Fuels has grown from strength to strength to create greener, healthier places to live and work.

Registered Waste Carriers

Duty of Care paperwork is provided with Each Collection

Our float of vehicles uses biofuel, drastically reducing the climate impact of transportation

Several million litres of cooking oil recycled after 13 years in business

Our staff has enjoyed a four-day work week since 2015

Do you have a question about our service? Use this contact form to submit an enquiry or request a callback and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.


    Bio UK Fuels (Sheffield) Ltd
    Unit 6A Greasbro Rd, Tinsley Sheffield, S9 1TN


    [email protected]

    01709 373248

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    Bio UK Fuels (Sheffield) Ltd
    Unit 6A
    Greasbro Rd, Tinsley
    Sheffield, S9 1TN


    01709 373248



    [email protected]


    Monday - Friday
    9.00am - 5.00pm

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