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BIO UK FUELS (Sheffield) LIMITED Terms and Conditions for the use of Biodiesel

Here at BIO UK FUELS we aim to provide clear and concise guidance on the use of Biodiesel. Our terms and conditions below set out what you need to be aware of and the actions you may need to take when using Biodiesel. We ask that you take a few moments to read these before using our fuel.

Usage of Biodiesel

We recommend that our clients run all vehicles / engines on a 50% mix of Biodiesel and carbon diesel unless advised by their manufacturer to the contrary.

Suitable vehicles

Not all vehicles are suitable for running on Biodiesel. Please consult with your vehicle manufacturer for individual vehicle guidance to satisfy yourself that your vehicle is suitable for Biodiesel.

We also recommend that you consult with your vehicle manufacturer to ascertain the impact using Biodiesel may have on your warranty. All manufacturers now have to warranty biodiesel at varying percentages in new vehicles due to EU legislation as long as the fuel is tested to the EN standard, we do not have our fuel tested to this standard.

Filter changes

We always point out that after running approximately 180 Litres of Biodiesel through your tanks you will need to change your fuel filter(s). When this is completed you may find a dark sludge like substance within the fuel filter. This is normal and is caused by the solvent cleaning action of the Biodiesel. Please note failure to follow this instruction can cause blocked filters/loss of power/difficulty with starting and possible engine/fuel system damage.

Hoses and seals

Certain older vehicles have rubber hoses and seals, which can be degraded by the solvent cleaning properties of Biodiesel. We recommend that you check with your manufacturer to ascertain any potential problems.

Winter Procedures

We strongly recommend that you run your vehicle on a 50% mix of Biodiesel unless advised by your manufacturer to the contrary. In really low temperatures pure Biodiesel can become more viscous which can result in starting problems and in extreme situations damage to pumps.

Fuel Pumps

Bio Diesel is slightly more viscous than normal carbon diesel. Because of this your fuel pump will have to work slightly harder to pump the fuel through your fuel system. This will have the effect of reducing the life expectancy of your fuel pump.

Vehicle Servicing

When using Biodiesel it may be necessary to have reduced service intervals with respect to fuel filters and oil changes. To ensure vehicle performance and long term reliability we recommend oil, air and fuel filter changes yearly.

VW / Seat / Audi / Skoda

Newer tdi models since 2001 may experience “hot start” on 50% plus mixes. When engine is hot after driving and ignition is turned off then soon turned back on – the key may need turning over in the ignition for several seconds before ignition occurs. Experience tells us that this seems to be eliminated on lower ratios of biodiesel ie 30-40%.

Vehicle ownership

You confirm that the vehicle you are adding Biodiesel to is either your vehicle, or you have the permission of the legal owner to run the vehicle on Biodiesel.

I can confirm that I have read and agree with the above terms and conditions. I accept that failure to follow any of the above advice will invalidate any claim against BIO UK FUELS SHEFFIELD LIMITED.

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