Biodiesel Sales

We sell biodiesel made solely from waste cooking oils at our depot on Sheffield Road. Both business and private customers can fill up from our fuel pump, saving money and reducing emissions at the same time. Bulk collections can also be arranged.

Open 9.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday,


Biodiesel for road use £1.50


Vehicles require no conversions or modifications and biodiesel can be blended with mineral diesel in any proportion. Compared with mineral diesel biodiesel produces over 80% less GHG emissions, it is a renewable and sustainable resource which avoids using the planets dwindling resources and is also virtually sulphur free.

Over the colder months we use an additive to improve coldflow performance and ensure the fuel does not freeze in really low temperatures. During winter we also suggest blending of biodiesel and mineral diesel, which will mix in your fuel tank and avoid any waxing issues down to and past minus 15 degrees celsius.

Virtually any diesel motor / engine / boiler / generator that uses diesel can use biodiesel.

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    Open 9.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday

    Biodiesel for road use £1.50

    All prices are per litre and include relevant VAT and Duty