We have biodiesel for sale at our Greasbo Road depot in Tinsley, Sheffield, made exclusively from waste cooking oils. By choosing biodiesel from our fuel pumps we help businesses and private customers save money and reduce their emissions.

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Supplying Biodiesel for Sheffield & South Yorkshire

Our biodiesel is developed using recycled vegetable-based oils, and tested by our in-house industry-leading experts. With over 80% less greenhouse gas emissions than mineral diesel, biodiesel is a renewable and sustainable fuel that avoids using the planet’s dwindling oil reserves.

Vehicles require no conversions or modifications, and biodiesel can be blended with mineral diesel in any proportion. Engineers and engine manufacturers recommend blending 5% vegetable oil with standard diesel to create biodiesel. However, we are happy to discuss your requirements if you need a higher concentration.

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£1.52 For Road Use


We know how important accurate forecasting is for businesses and as such have committed to fixed-fee pricing so that you can accurately estimate your fuel costs.

£1.52 For Road Use

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    In a closed-loop recycling process, Bio UK Fuels recycles used cooking oil from local restaurants and other food producers into biodiesel (B100) ensuring an end-to-end service and consistent supply of fuel.

    Champions of a new environmentally conscious fuel movement, we use no new oil or specifically grown crops to make our biodiesel, tackling the issue of climate change head-on, one litre of fuel at a time.

    In terms of fuel choice, our biodiesel is less toxic than table salt and degrades more rapidly than sugar. Compared to petroleum diesel, it is safer to handle and has no unpleasant odour. Being made from renewable, biofuel helps us decrease our dependence on non-renewable fuels.

    A Biodiesel Guide

    What is Biodiesel?

    As opposed to traditional diesel, which is derived from crude mineral oil, biodiesel is derived from a variety of recycled vegetable oils.

    In the quest to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, biodiesel presents an option that is comparable in power and energy content to standard diesel whilst providing multiple environmental benefits, and it is fast becoming a realistic and desirable alternative to non-renewable fuels.

    What are the advantages of biodiesel?

    The use of biodiesel has a cascading list of environmental benefits. Biodiesel is better for our planet because:

    • It contains virtually no sulphur
    • It contains no aromatic compounds (toluene and benzene)
    • Significantly reduces the number of particulates (soot) and hydrocarbons
    • Carbon monoxide emissions are reduced by 70%
    • Biodegradable and non-toxic

    Not only does biodiesel provide a greener alternative for your business’s fuel needs, but it has other key benefits such as a high flashing point making it safer to transport and store and lubricating qualities that help to keep your engines running for longer, reducing your maintenance costs in the long-run.

    Who can use biodiesel?

    Almost any diesel engine, generator or motor is capable of running on a biofuel blend.

    Even car owners can use biodiesel if their vehicles have been modified properly, but do consult your manufacturer if you’re unsure.

    Government officials consider biofuels one of the most important factors in achieving zero-carbon transport over the long term, and biodiesel currently enjoys a small tax relief (to encourage this GREEN fuel usage), which allows Bio UK Fuels to pass on to customers a saving of about 5p per litre, (about 25p per gallon).

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