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Doncaster Used Oil Disposal

We offer a free waste oil and fat collection service in Doncaster and across the UK. At Bio UK Fuels, we are here to help businesses dispose of used cooking oil and reduce unnecessary waste. As a licensed waste carrier, we ensure your used cooking oil is responsibly collected, transported and recycled, helping you do your bit for the environment. 

As an add-on, we also pay you for the oil you recycle if you gather over 100 litres

Contact us today and we will provide you with a quote and begin the collection process. 

Responsible Waste Oil Recycling In Doncaster

Your oils and fats will be collected and recycled responsibly into biodiesel wherever possible at our production facility or sent for alternative recycling at our partner facilities. Biodiesel offers less greenhouse gas emissions than mineral diesel, making it the ideal solution to your carbon footprint and the planet. 

Registered Waste Carrier

Duty Of Care Waste Notes Included

Completely Free Service

Book A Collection Now

    Getting Your Waste Oil Ready For Collection

    Here’s our step-by-step process for getting your oil ready for us to collect: 

    1. Fill out the collection enquiry form or call us on 01709 373 248 to arrange a suitable time. 
    2. We’ll get back to you to confirm your collection time once we’ve received your enquiry. 
    3. Prepare your oil for transport; this can be in the containers they came in or the blue barrels we will provide. 
    4. If you’re recycling over 100 litres of oil, we will pay you for the amount. This depends on the oil’s quality and biodiesel’s current price. 
    5. Once the oil has been collected, there’s nothing more for you to do. We’ll recycle your oil into fuel, and you can rest assured that you’ve done your part for the environment. 

    If you’re ready to book a waste oil collection in Doncaster and the surrounding areas, contact us today to begin your recycling journey. 

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    Doncaster Oil Disposal FAQs

    Which Areas Of Doncaster Do You Serve?

    We serve various areas in Doncaster, such as Hatfield, Ticknall, Conisbrough, Mexborough, Bentley, Adwick-le-Street, and Thorne. We also serve the whole of South Yorkshire, including Rotherham, Barnsley and Sheffield. Get in touch with us today and arrange your free waste oil collection. 

    Can You Get Paid For Waste Oil?

    Yes! If you dispose of over 100 litres of used cooking oil with us, we will pay you! The price does change in relation to the price of biofuels. Do you need a bespoke quote? Contact us today, and we will send you the exact amount you can expect to earn.

    What Types Of Oil Can I Recycle?

    We collect most types of used cooking oils and fats, including Corn oil, Palm oil, Soybean oil, Sunflower oil, Coconut oil, Margarine, Rapeseed oil, Peanut oil, Butter, Olive oil, Vegetable oil, Sesame oil and Lard.

    Can I Arrange A Weekly Collection?

    Yes, we can collect your oil weekly if your business needs to dispose of huge amounts of used oil. However, keep in mind that the minimum amount we collect is 60L at a time.

    How To Prepare The Waste Oil For Collection?

    Waste cooking oil should be stored in sealed containers for safe storage and transport. You can use the original container in which your fresh cooking oil was delivered for this. Alternatively, we can provide you with blue waste storage barrels so you can accumulate your used oil between collections. To ensure that all your oil can be efficiently recycled, waste oil should not contain traces of food waste or water.

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