Free Oil Collection Birmingham and the Midlands

Do your part for the future of the planet by choosing to recycle your used cooking oil for green fuels. Operating in Birmingham and across the Midlands, BioUKFuels offers a free responsible collection and recycling service of used cooking oils and hard fats into sustainable alternatives to diesel. Not only do we offer our services for free but for amounts over 100L, we will pay you for your contribution.

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Free Waste Oil Collection, Disposal and Recycling in the Midlands

We provide a free waste oil collection service operating in Birmingham and the surrounding area, including Coventry and Northampton. At BioUKFuels, we are registered, responsible waste carriers and ensure that at every step of collection, transportation and recycling we take safety and environmental responsibility.


We make our waste oil collection service as simple and easy to use as possible so that you can focus on what matters most to your business. With each collection, we provide Duty Of Care Waste Notes and handle all the administrative details involved in your waste oil disposal, so you don’t have to.




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Environmentally Responsible Collection and Recycling of Waste Oil

When we collect your waste oil it is transferred to the nearest recycling plant, whether that be at our own facility or one of our licenced partners. All our vehicles run on biofuel providing a low-emission transportation service for your business as we firmly believe in the values we promote to our customers. Our services are used by a plethora of industries throughout the UK and from this 

Not only do we offer a free waste oil collection and recycling service in Birmingham and the surrounding area, but we also pay you for your oil for collections over 100L. Simply call 01709 373248 or fill in the online booking form and get cashback for cooking oil.

Preparing Your Waste Oil For Collection 

At BioUKFuels, we pride ourselves on quick and easy service. Once you have scheduled your first collection, simply place your used waste oil in the containers that they came in, but make sure they are sealed. Alternatively, we supply leak-proof blue barrel containers which you can use to store your oils and fats ready for collection. To ensure the recycling process is efficient we ask that your oils where possible be solid and cold and always free of water and food particles.

Schedule Your Free Waste Oil Collection in the Midlands

Our collection services are tailored to fit you and your business. You can request to have your oil collected or schedule repeated collections with us weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. However, these are completely flexible and can be adjusted accordingly to your schedule.  

Ready to book your collection or want to know more about our waste oil collection in Birmingham and the surrounding area? Simply call 01709 373248 to speak to one of our experts or complete our online contact form.

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Which Towns in the Midlands Do You Serve?

Apart from Birmingham, we run a free oil collection service in Northampton and Coventry. Simply get in touch and we will come and collect the oil from your business address.

How Much Can I Earn From Selling My Waste Oil?

At BioUKFuels the price we pay for waste oil varies depending on the price of biofuel at the time. To find out more about how much you can earn for your waste oil, please contact us today and get a bespoke quote. 

When is Waste Oil Ready to be Collected? 

When scheduling to have your waste oil collected, it’s best to do it when you have a bulk load. This is better for both us and you as it means we take fewer trips which is better for the environment and you may earn more money through having larger quantities. We pride ourselves on having a flexible collection schedule so you can change and rearrange your collection dependent on what is best for you. 

How is Waste Oil Recycled? 

When we collect your waste oil it is transferred to the nearest recycling plant, and it is recycled into biodiesel that can be reused for a multitude of uses just like regular mineral diesel. 

What Documents Do I Need to Fill Out?

Don’t worry about having to fill in any legal paperwork; we provide duty of care waste notes so that you will be completely compliant with health and safety regulations. 

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