Free Waste Oil Collection London

Find out how our dedicated team covers all restaurants North and South of the Thames, offering free waste oil collection to Londoners wanting to make a conscious effort to cut down on their carbon footprint. We convert your waste oil into Biodiesel, a repurposed hydrocarbon-based fuel source that can be used in preexisting petroleum diesel engines with little to no modifications. If we collect over 100 litres of waste oil, we’ll offer you a competitive rate based on current Biodiesel prices, it’s that simple!

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North and South London Waste Oil Removal

With the ever-increasing prices affecting the service industry, going green is now more difficult than ever. However, with more and more incentives to go green, it’s worth looking into some options that are available to not only save money but perhaps earn a little back, too. 

Here at BioUKFuels we not only repurpose your used oil into biodiesel, but we run our collection vans from that fuel too. We set no awkward collection dates, you aren’t given a quota, we assess the best days to come to your venue, those which save fuel in our vans, and string together U.K.-wide networks where we can cut down on all unnecessary travel. 

We cover all areas of London contained within the M25 and offer a pick-up per week on average. Sometimes it makes more sense for you to hold on to your waste oil, collecting more than 100 litres, so we leave that decision up to you. 

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    How We Recycle Waste Oil Responsibly In Greater London

    We get it, having to empty your deep fryers is not the best job. Topping up the big blue drum is messy and undesirable, so let us make it work for you. We can provide storage containers and responsible pick-up crews to your venue who are trained on the environmental factors and effects oil spills can cause. 
    As you know, the government requires you to properly dispose of your waste oil through an authorised collector, which BioUKFuels are committed to, however, we also lift the additional environmental factors from your shoulders by reusing the oil for green purposes. Our processing plant is based just off of the M1 in Sheffield which makes it easy for us to access most parts of the U.K. It is here that we turn the waste cooking oil into fuel suitable for diesel engines.




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    Here’s What You Need To Know

    We provide a collection service for restaurants in London to safely and environmentally consciously dispose of and repurpose their waste oil

    We will collect from as little as 60 litres but will pay you a competitive rate for anything over 100 litres

    We can supply you with suitable containers for oil, use the containers your fresh oil has come in as long as they are sealed for safe transport. Remember to allow your oil to cool before moving it into plastic containers!

    Simply fill in the contact form for a callback or call us from 9 am to 5 pm to organise your collection at a time that best suits you

    For prices, quote “cashback for cooking oil” when you call or contact us

    We provide Duty Of Care Waste Notes for each collection

    Waste Oil Collection London FAQs

    What Types Of Oil Do You Collect?

    We collect all types of cooking oils. Most animal and vegetable oils are great for our purposes, and we can also take drippings and shallow frying oils, too. 

    Other oils, such as those made from fossil fuels are not suitable for our purposes, and we ask that you seek an alternate source of collection.

    What is the Average Cost per Litre of Waste Oil Collected from Me?

    It has been estimated that, on a yearly average, we pay around 4p per litre of good waste oil, when we collect over 100l from you at one time. This certainly beats the old way, where you would pay to have your oil taken away, where it would be dumped, contaminating the ground.

    How Do I Dispose Of Oil At Home?

    It’s difficult for most fossil-based or synthetic motor oils. Very small amounts of oil can be soaked up with paper towels and thrown away, but it’s essential that you keep oils out of drains and away from the ground. 

    Not only does waste oil damage the environment on a worldwide scale, but it also causes unsightly stains on flooring (including patios and driveways) and is an obvious tripping hazard. 
    For small, hazardous purposes, we recommend finding your nearest oil drop-off at

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