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Welcome to BioUKFuels, where we offer specialised waste oil collection services to assist you and help you recover some of the costs of buying oil in the first place. If you require used oil collections, such as those exceeding 100 litres per site, we’ll pay you back as we recycle the oil into biodiesel.

Our services cover all areas in Yorkshire and Humberside, including York, Scarborough, and Middlesbrough. Find out how your waste oil can power a greener future and make you money with BioUKFuels.

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York Waste Oil Removal

The modern service industry often comes up with new ideas intended to secure us a greener future, but the cost often gets put onto you. We wanted to do things a little differently, so we started BioUKFuels. 

We are proud to offer our green way of producing biodiesel from your waste oil collection and offer our services to businesses in York and the surrounding areas. 

At BioUKFuels, we not only convert your used oil into biodiesel, but we also use this fuel to run our collection vans. We collaborate with restaurant networks throughout the U.K. to minimise our fuel usage. Our efficient business practices have enabled us to expand our collection areas significantly in recent years, and we continue to grow to this day.

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    We Recycle Waste Oil Responsibly

    Grease from deep fryers is inconvenient and can be very costly to your business as global prices rise. Plus, modern allergens and dietary requirements require more fryers in your kitchen. But, you could very well earn some money back by helping convert the waste to biodiesel, with no more effort on your end. 

    As you may be aware, the government requires that you dispose of your waste oil through an authorised collector. At BioUKfuels, we not only comply with this government requirement but also take on the responsibility of repurposing the oil for environmentally friendly purposes, thereby reducing your environmental impact.

    Registered Waste Carrier

    Duty Of Care Waste Notes Included

    Completely Free Service

    Here’s What You Need To Know

    We collect waste cooking oil from across York, from restaurants. To cafes, takeaways and fast food outlets.

    The minimum amount for free waste oil collection is 60 litres, and we pay if you collect over 100 litres.

    We can supply blue oil drums, or you can store it back in the containers your oil came in as long as they are sealed for safe transport. Remember to allow your oil to cool before moving it into plastic containers!

    Simply fill in the contact form for a callback or call us at 01709 373248 between 9 am and 5 pm.

    For prices, quote “cashback for cooking oil” when you call or contact us!

    We always provide Duty Of Care Waste Notes for each collection.

    Industrial waste oil container

      York Waste Oil Collection FAQs

      Here are a few commonly asked questions from our team in the York area and parts of North Yorkshire.

      Can You Make Money Through Waste Oil Disposal?

      Yes, we created a business out of it! You can also make money out of your waste oil; however, the amount is tied to the price of biodiesel and other fossil fuels. If you are looking at recuperating some of the costs that your business endures due to the rising price of cooking oils, then maybe we can help.

      How Do You Get Rid Of Oil?

      There are many ways to get rid of oil. If you are cooking at home, then you can pour your cooled oil into a receptacle such as an old jam jar or plastic tub and then throw it away – never pour it down the sink!

      In a restaurant or other establishment serving large quantities of food, you ought to get someone to come and collect it for you. This can be a paid-for service, costing you money. BioUKFuels can convert this oil into biodiesel and pay you for the collection. Not bad eh?

      What Locations Are Available for Waste Oil Collection Services?

      We operate in a range of locations and cover the following cities on a regular basis: Stoke, York, Preston, Leicester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Cambridge, Manchester, Doncaster, Harrogate, Derby, Warrington, Nottingham, Grimsby, Leeds, Peterborough, Bradford, Hull, Blackburn, Scunthorpe.

      Our service also extends nationwide across London, Reading, Milton Keynes, Worcester, Newcastle, Cheltenham, Coventry, Bournemouth, Northampton, Bath, Sunderland, Watford, Bristol, Middlesbrough, Southampton, Luton, Birmingham, Gloucester, Warwick, Bedford, and everywhere in between.

      Why Do You Supply Duty of Care Waste Oil Collection Notes?

      It has been reported recently that many food vendors are pouring their waste oil into the sewers, causing blockages and problems with groundwater contamination. As such, the government requires that businesses get a Duty of Care collection note to add to their better food better business file, should the FSA inspect them.

      These notes are valuable and show that you comply with this governmental recommendation and could contribute towards a 5-star rating.

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