Does Vegetable Oil Go Off?

Oil in a measuring jug

A question we get asked often is, ‘Does Vegetable Oil Go Off?’ and that got us thinking about how long vegetable oil lasts and how you should store it to slow down the rancidification process. So, does vegetable oil go off?  Yes, vegetable oil does go off. Expired vegetable oil can make you seriously sick … Read more

Can You Reuse Cooking Oil?

A question we get asked a lot is, ‘Can you reuse cooking oil?’ and that got us thinking about how much you can reuse cooking oil before it becomes spoiled or a health issue.  So, how much can you reuse that cooking oil? You can reuse cooking oil. However, the type of cooking oil will … Read more

Can You Put Cooking Oil in the Garden?

sunflowers representing sunflower oil and nature

Cooking oil has many uses. From hair conditioners to biofuels, leather protection or deep fat frying, oil and its high-fat content allows it to cover surfaces in a thin film and soak into almost anything it touches. Oil has been used throughout history for these properties in the garden, however with a modern understanding of … Read more

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